We are an end-to-end cannabis ecosystem

We are experts in cannabis genetics, cultivation systems and own medical R&D and CPG formulations.

Our assets

We have developed proprietary methodologies and patents and are active in the CB-advisory space

Top-class, proprietary calculation methodologies

Analytical methods for measurement of 14 CBs1 (by HPLC-UV, GC-MS, NMR) and quantitative determination and semi-composition cannabinoids

Proprietary CBs production processes

New methodologies, including production of i) Delta 8 or CBN directly from CBD isolate or hemp extract and ii) CBGA esters from hemp powder development of nanoemulsion in CBD delivery

Advanced analytics and cultivation protocols

Optimized in vitro cultivation protocols for Cannabis Sativa (CBG & CBD & THC) and rare varieties (Cupressus sempervirens L., Platanus orientalis, Juniperus macrocarpa, Vanilla planifolia), to scale up production for commercial labs

Advanced analytics, incl. breeding experiments of high CBG/CBD strains, whole genome re-sequencing for Cannabis Sativa,

Evaluation of agronomic and metabolomic characteristics of proprietary EKATI varieties


Patents (application pending) include CBGA esters, Cannabinoid formulation with anticancer properties in breast and skin cancer

Clinical trials

Assessment of antiproliferative / cytotoxic / apoptotic action of combo(s) of CBG, CBD, CBN, CBDA Ester, CBGA Ester, d-limonene  for cancers (breast, skin, melanoma), psoriasis

Publications and advisory boards

Publications: “Two high CBD & CBG Cannabis sativa L.varieties :In vitro regeneration and phytochemical consistency evaluation of micro propagated plants using H-NMR”, “New method of quantitative determination of cannabinoids by H-NMR”

Advisors include: NKUA dpt of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry, Pasteur Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Org Demeter (formerly NAGREF), Institute of Agricultural Sciences & Agricultural UoA, World Olive Center for Health

Our clinical pipeline &
market rationale

We decided to focus on medical R&D, as it becomes a popular investment for top pharma companies

Pharma innovation is increasingly sourced externally, from small companies

Innovation sourced externally appears to be more fruitful…


of top 20 blockbusters in the last decade originated from small biotech companies

… resulting to increased investment for R&D deals…


invested in external innovation by top pharma companies per year, with a third focused on smaller deals (<$1bn)

… increasing premiums paid for attractive, late-stage assets


median deal premiums for clinical / later-stage assets in 2019, highest ever recorded globally

Early R&D assets appear to have better ROI due to lower valuations vs. assets at launch phase

We are prioritizing our cannabinoid R&D pipeline development as there is high potential to achieve an asset sale in the hundreds of millions

Top Pharma deals for clinical assets over the past 3 years

  • €m

We have created an impressive R&D pipeline, with 13 medical cannabis molecules currently in trials

Clinical development pipeline


Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Pain, Cystic fibrosis

Pre clinical

Orphan indications: Acute Myeloid Leukemia , Kidney Carcinoma, Dif. Thyroid Cancer, Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Hepatocellular, Carcinoma, Breast Cancer, Melanoma/skin cancer, Burn Injuries, Multiple skin infections


Psoriasis (Phase 1; 99% success invitro), with potential launch in Q1’21

Proprietary combo CBs2 currently in trials in top Greek universities, research facilities, institutes and clinics

Cannabis-infused consumer products

Within Ekati we are developing proprietary formulations and producing top-notch personal care consumer products, infused with cannabinoids

Analgesic cream
Toothpaste and tooth whitening cream
Hydrating face cream and body lotion
Lubrication gel

Potential to lease formulation and package under your brand

We have 20+ Cosmetic and Nutraceutical products currently in production

Products can be sold under our brands or as private label (formulation lease)


Personal hygiene

Gentle shampoo, shower gel. Toothpaste, tooth whitening paste
Make-up remover (eyes)

Haircare and hydration

Hair conditioner (oiliness regulation), Hydration Creams: face cream, body
lotion, hand cream (instant repair), lip balm

Care and protection

Nappy Rash balm, Anti-Acne Cream, Psoriasis topical (approved by ΕΟΦ1)
Tattoo after care / topical anesthetic, Water based Lubricant (incl. anal)


Healthy snacks & deserts

Energy Bars, Hemp seeds (peeled, roasted, salted)
Cannabis Bee Products (Honey, propolis, bee wax, royal jelly)
Pasteli, Traditional Greek pastry with honey and sesame

Nutritional additives

Cannabis Protein
Cannabis Seed Oil high on ω3 & ω6

Branded dairy products

Functional dairy products and formulations under our brand

Details: We boast of a broad range of CB-infused product formulations

25+ product types with flexibility around consistency, fragrance and ingredients


Personal hygiene
& beauty

Our products & formulations

Soaps & creams

-Shampoo and shower gel

-Hand soap

-Hand cream and body lotion (also vegan)

SLE-free, non-GMO soaps, carefully designed to clean and protect the skin, using CBs for calming and hydrating effects; can be tailored in terms of consistency (foam, liquid), active ingredients and aroma

Hair Care
– Hair nourishing mask and lotion
– Hair conditioner

Non-GMO, organic masks and conditioners in thick
consistency with CBs to repair damaged hair, boost growth
and preserve shine

Facial care
– Hydrating serum
– Hyaluronic acid cream
– Repair gel-crème, intense care for dry skin
– Demaquillage foam and emulsion

Advanced formulations for facial creams, in multiple consistencies (serum, gel-crème, lotion, cream), with organic, non-GMO ingredients that can also be vegan

CBs combined with multiple active ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic acid, coenzymes) to reduce skin irritation, increase hydration and shine

Note: our proprietary mix of cannabinoids included in the cream formulations is currently in clinical trials for treatment of eczema and psoriasis with CBs


Functional products

Our products & formulations

Functional creams & sprays

-Mist spray

-Slimming cream

-Pain relief cream

-Water and oil-based lubricant

-Activating massage cream

Functional creams taking advantage of the potential of CB combinations along with additional ingredients to achieve targeted effect, e.g. slimming and fat loss, pain relief and activation

Selected value-add ingredients include caffeine and eskin for slimming, aloe vera for rejuvenation (mist spray), high CB content for pain relief


-CB-rich toothpaste

-Whitening cream and therapy set

Carefully selected combinations of CBs and whitening / bleaching agents to ensure tart and plaque removal, decrease of gum irritation and improvement of color

Sun care

-Medium protection (SFP 30)

-High protection (SFP 50)

-After-sun care

Combinations of sun-blocking (UVA) agents with CB ingredients to calm and nourish the skin while protecting from UV rays; Nourishing after-sun lotion with hydrating and calming effects

Value add services in cannabis: consulting, measuring, development

We offer high quality services to aspiring cannabis companies through the Ekati© brand

Our Cannabis Germplasm Vault: proprietary strains per region

Our vault boasts of 200+ proprietary cannabis varieties, globally


  • Kalamata Greek
  • Samotharki Sativa / Greece
  • Samotharki Kush / Greece
  • Thylejren KIF / Denmark


  • Sotho Heights
  • Mozambica
  • Coffee Bay
  • Malawi
  • Apondo
  • Swazi


  • Jamaican Lamb breath
  • Jamaican Lion breath


  • Mazar
  • Chimtal District
  • Balkh Province
  • Tadjikistan
  • Malana Valley / Himalaya
  • Wailing Valley / Himalaya
  • Tosh Valley / Himalaya
  • Sheelawathi / Theni
  • Kerala Gold / Idduki
  • Orrisa Gold / Orissa
  • Tashqurchan / Kholmun
  • Pokhra /Nepal

We are able to provide industrial and medical use certifications (API) to all our 200+ varieties

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